Production process of iron wire technology

1, cut straight line

If one turn of the original packaged iron wire is cut to the required length.The method is to put the iron wire in the linear machine and set the length according to the rule so that the machine can automatically cut it.Requirement specification fault1mm; wire radian1

2, curved frame

If the original straight line is subjected to this process, it will become a round or square shape or a shape required for various templates.The practice is to use an iron plate or wooden tool to set the specifications, and the workers bend them into the required shape according to the fixed specifications.

3, butt welding

The iron ring bent into a certain shape has not been connected at the head and tail. Butt welding is to weld the head and tail together.The method is to weld the ends of the wire without distance.

4, spot welding

Iron wire crafts have many solder joints. The basket that welds short wire and each coil together has multiple solder joints in the welding process called spot welding.

 In the process of operation, pay attention to the coarse adjustment of the scheduling current, the number of fine adjustments and the welding time. The quality of welding is closely related to this process.

5, polishing

When welding the short wire with the coil, sometimes the short wire will be welded beyond the circle, and the grinding will remove some of the excess.The abrasive tool used is a hand grinder, and sometimes an edge trimmer is used. The principle is the same, but the wire material should not be damaged.

6, polishing

When the iron basket is welded, due to fire or other reasons, the appearance of the iron basket will be less ambitious. The smooth surface processing of the iron wire crafts is polishing.When polishing, the attention power of holding the wire basket must be very consistent, and a certain amount of strength must be used to quietly smooth the surface of the basket.

7, electroplating, baking varnish

After welding and polishing, it can be sent out. There should be no hanging spots, yellow spots, discoloration, thinness, etc. during electroplating.