The cabinets want to look more advanced? Learn 10 cabinet hardware designs from European and American families

Why do we look at foreign kitchens that look so high-end? That's because their kitchen hardware fittings are well made. The kitchen is the place with the most scent of fireworks. In addition to drawers and partitions, what more advanced hardware accessories can I choose? Today I will share with you 10 super cool hardware accessories, some of which can be made by some domestic custom merchants.

1. Embedded trash can

Equipped with rebound slide rails, which can be opened with one knee, which is very convenient and quick. However, this kind of trash can is recommended to be dried up, and kitchen waste is not suitable.

Two, rice box

Buying this kind of glass rice box is not only good-looking, but also anti-mildew and mothproof. And you can sort all kinds of rice or grains.

Three, 360 degree turntable

This kind of turntable can make the best use of the space, and it looks like a complete cabinet when the door is closed.

Four or three-sided pull basket

There are many pull baskets, but this kind of three-sided pull basket full of high-level sense is very special. You can open three drawers with only one door.

Five, ultra-narrow pull basket

Some places are very narrow, you can make this kind of ultra-narrow pull basket, which is very good for placing items and seasoning pots.

Six, side pull

If the cabinet has a side position, you can do this kind of side pull basket, which has a great storage and storage function.

Seven, corner pull basket

Don't know how to design the corner position? Try this corner pull basket, you can pull the kitchen utensils out with a gentle pull.

8. Tool holder

The tool holder is very special, it can be installed directly on the wall, and the board can be lowered when needed.

Nine, corner system

Make this kind of monster flying saucer in the corner position, and put it in easily.

Or it is also good to make this kind of foldable pull basket, which has a triangular shape and is very convenient to switch.

10. High cabinet system

After reading these two high cabinets, I was really amazed. The design is so awesome, I don’t have to worry about storage.

Are these 10 high-end foreign kitchen hardware accessories very good? There is a reason why they like to make open kitchens. These high-end accessories are indispensable. If you like, you can collect this article. When you make cabinets, ask domestic merchants if they can do it.